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Score Big this Super Bowl

Super Bowl Catering Menu

What makes the Super Bowl one of the best sports events of the year? Of course the main attraction is the foot ball, but this Sunday is also a favourite because of the delicious foods and beverages that surround it. If you're entertaining for Super Bowl Sunday this year- 460 on the River has you covered. Choose from our platters, or all inclusive party packages to impress your guests. Need to up your team SPIRITS with a football themed beverage? Below we offer two themed cocktails to offer your guests- whether they're cheering for the Patriots or the Rams.

New England Patriots

One perk of having the Patriots in the Super Bowl again, is that their team colours make for the perfect patriotic drink. Red, Blue and White create a unique, layered cocktail in this fun recipe

Patriots Punch

Makes 1 cocktail


Ice (enough to fill glass)

1oz Absolut Raspberri

1oz Bols Blue

1 oz Grenadine

3 oz 7-up (or enough to fill glass)


It's important to add ingredients slowly, in order to maintain the separate layers. You may find that pouring down the side of a glass with a spoon makes the layers most achiveable

1. Fill glass with ice

2. Add grenadine

3. Slowly add Absolut Raspberri

4. Slowly add 7-up

5. Add Bols Blue slowly as top layer

6. Cheers!

Los Angeles Rams

If the Rams have something going for them, besides Goff and Gurly, it may just be this cocktail

Golden Horn

Makes 1 cocktail



.5 oz Malibu Coconut Rum

1 oz White Rum

1/4 lime, juiced

.5 oz Agave Syrup

Pinch of Ground Tumeric

2 slices fresh ginger

3 oz Pineapple Juice

1. In a shaker, muddle the ginger and turmeric

2. Add in all wet ingredients

3. Top with Ice

4. Shake shaker for approximately 20 seconds

5. Strain into an ice filled glass

6. Cheers!

We want to hear from you! Who are you cheering for this Sunday? What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

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